Benefits of Coffee Service in New York City

Coffee Service Benefits - New York

How Coffee Delivery Can Benefit Your New York Business

Did you know that something as simple as coffee can boost employee morale? Read here to learn how coffee delivery can benefit your New York business.

If you’re like the average American, chances are you’re sipping from a hot cup o’ joe as you read this. In fact, studies show that more than half of Americans drink coffee every single day.

And considering that most people consume coffee with breakfast or between meals (afternoon pick-me-up, anyone?) it’s a given that your employees and colleagues are loading up on the caffeine while at work.

Yet in New York the average price for an espresso drink can exceed $2.50, and the average drip brew is almost $1.50. That’s a hefty chunk of change for any coffee drinker, especially considering that most people drink three cups of coffee per day!

Why not consider a coffee delivery service in New York? This can not only save your employees money (and boost employee morale) but it can lead to more workplace-friendly break room conversations and higher energy throughout the office.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of a coffee delivery service for your office, restaurant or business, and how we can help boost morale and productivity at your business.

Benefits of Coffee Drinking in the Workplace

It’s a known fact: caffeine has outstanding effects on productivity and energy. And coffee is one of the most readily-available sources for caffeine, meaning that the delicious brew can provide gains in alertness and attention for your hardworking team. This means that employees are less likely to make typos in important emails, and quicker to identify transposed numbers or erroneous calculations.

Reasoning skills come into play, too. Studies show that caffeinated individuals perform better (and quicker) on reasoning and logic tests than non-caffeinated people. Communication skills improve with caffeine intake as well, so your employees are going to nail that big presentation with their clients.

cup-of-coffeeAlso, think about the time and money that your employees (or even you!) spend on coffee runs. You can eliminate this opportunity cost entirely by hiring a coffee delivery service. Your coffee service will show up according to whatever schedule you’ve decided, so no more coffee runs. Go ahead, put away that umbrella – we come to you!

Are your employees working long hours during certain times of the month or year (accounting month-end close, for example?) If so, a coffee delivery service can provide additional incentive for those late night or early morning hours. In fact, a coffee delivery service may even be the difference between an employee leaving early or staying late. A 4 pm cup o’ joe can provide energy within a matter of minutes, which is just what your employees need before a long night wrapping up quarterly earnings.

And we can’t forget that coffee drinking has an entire host worth of health benefits, including a lower likelihood of diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and even certain types of cancer. Coffee (when consumed during the day) can even help people sleep better at night, which wards off a variety of illness and diseases. This means that your employees will be healthier and less inclined to take sick days.

Why Should You Consider a NY Coffee Delivery Service?

Variety, for one. How many times have you gone on a coffee run for your employee and come back with four skinny vanilla lattes? Boring. When using a coffee delivery service, your employees will have an entire selection’s worth of coffee and tea brands and flavors. They can choose based on their mood, preference, or even desired caffeine level.

And, can you say “convenience?” This is possibly the #1 benefit to a coffee delivery service in New York: you don’t have to go anywhere because WE come to YOU. That’s right: rain or shine, sun or snow, your coffee will show up to your doorstep on time. We set it up for you, so all you’ve got to do is make the short walk from your desk to the coffee room!

Customer service is great too. We have knowledgeable partenrs on-hand to repair and maintain the coffee machines at no charge to you or answer any of your questions about coffee brands and flavors, changes to your subscription, etc. Coffee is our business, and we’re here to help. We’re the experts!

Finally, let’s not overlook the lower cost of a coffee delivery service. By utilizing a subscription delivery service, you’re buying in bulk and saving money on the per-cup cost of coffee. And, because it’s considered a business expense, you can write it off on your business taxes. What’s not to love?

How Does a Coffee Delivery Service Actually Work?

The Provider will start first by talking with you about your needs and desires for your coffee delivery service. This includes how many people your business employs, what they typically drink, and various add-ons that you may want to consider.

Next, they’ll come on site and actually install your hardware brewing service. This may be a variety of coffee pots or machines, depending on the size of your organization and whether they prefer drip brew, espresso drinks, single-serve cups, or all of the above! Trust us, we can accommodate any coffee needs!

And they’ll bring the coffee, too, of course! Our partners have options for fresh beans or ground coffee with your preferred flavor profile, or individual serving cups to be used with single-shot brewers. We’ll help you arrange the coffee options alongside the actual hardware for an attractive, appealing setup that will have your employees lining up for that first cup.

You can also get creative with flavor additives like creamers and syrups: vanilla, hazelnut, sugar-free, etc. Other accessories like sweetener packets and stir sticks should also be considered.

Signing up for a coffee delivery service is a foolproof way to excite and engage your employees, and ensure that their productively and alertness remain high during your most crucial business cycles. Employees will also come to interact more (it’s an inevitable reality in the coffee break room!) which leads to a host of benefits like networking and office friendships.

Ready to subscribe to a coffee delivery service for your restaurant, office, or business? Contact us today and we can answer any additional questions you may have! You’re sure to be satisfied with a New York Based coffee delivery service.