Office Coffee Service Cost in New York

Office Coffee Service Cost in New York

Are you looking for an office coffee service in New York? Wondering about the costs? Expect to pay an average of $6 per employee per week. Here’s what you need to know when calculating the cost of office coffee service in New York.

60% of New Yorkers drink more than one cup of coffee per day.

In fact, the Washington Post stated that New Yorkers drink seven times more coffee than the rest of the nation. With these facts in mind, it’s likely your New York business runs partially fueled by a good cup of Joe.

You may want to consider purchasing an office coffee service to ensure each of your employees gets their fill.

Running a business in New York isn’t cheap. Neither is a cup of coffee. So you might also be wondering about the office coffee service cost.

Read on to find out a little bit more on how much the services cost and what your considerations should be.

Considerations for Your Office Coffee Service Cost

You might go to your local coffee shop and get sticker shock thinking you’ll have to pay a huge chunk of change for your employee’s coffee. Don’t worry, you won’t be paying premium prices if you use a service.

But, there are a few things to consider when it comes to the cost.

You can cut down on the cost by providing fewer options to your employees, or catering to their needs. Before making your order, you can discuss with your employees what kind of bells and whistles they expect with their coffee.

For example, if half of your staff is vegan, you might want to consider asking for soy or almond milk with your order. Or if some of your staff is adverse to caffeine, you should provide a caffeine-free option. However, you shouldn’t purchase a whole load of vegan milk or caffeine-free coffee if only one or two of your staff members request this.

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Instead, you can discuss with them the options and decide whether to purchase a reduced amount. Or, to save some money, you might purchase vegan milk for the office and keep it in the fridge for your non-dairy coffee consumers.

How much coffee you buy will be part of the cost consideration, in addition to the bells and whistles. You should let your staff know that they should also be realistic when it comes to coffee consumption unless you’re fine with purchasing an infinite supply.

As New Yorkers are ready to let loose on the coffee, you might want to keep the amount your staff drinks to three cups a day or less. While you don’t want to become a school monitor about it, you will want to ask that they honor the system.

Side Options

Does your office staff want a treat with their coffee? How about offering tea to the non-coffee drinkers? That might also be an appropriate option to consider.

Some coffee services may offer tea and biscuits as part of their catering services. These, of course, will cost a little bit extra.

You can decide if you want to purchase the tea and biscuits from the coffee service, or if you want to buy them yourself. You can discuss the cost of the coffee service and decide which is more cost effective for your office and its realistic budget.

Name Brand vs. Value

The costs of your coffee service will also go up depending on what kind of tastes your company has. If your staff is fine with drinking off-brand coffee, then the costs will go down quite a bit. This is also the case with tea, biscuits, cakes and any other side items you may choose to provide for your staff.

But if your staff is very high brow, you may end up forking over some cash for a name brand service. This means that the cost can go up quite a bit. If your business can afford it, this might be a price to pay for keeping your staff happy and able to produce quality work.

Remember, while your staff is there to work for you and collect a paycheck, there should be other perks to their jobs. Otherwise, job satisfaction will begin to plummet. You need to ensure they are satisfied with their role as best they can, and name brand coffee could help with that.

Offering Coffee to Clients

Your coffee service cost may also go up depending on if your office sees clients. While all offices will have meetings with non-staff members occasionally, some offices constantly have face-to-face contact with non-staff members.

This is especially true if you run a high-end business or have high paying clients. You’ll want to ensure that they feel comfortable at your office, and this might include offering them a warm beverage.

For some offices, this may mean that coffee and tea will be available for everyone at any point in the day. This will include having it available for any customer or non-staff member who comes as a client or to talk business.

Or, if you run a store where clients are in and out, you might want to offer the higher paying clients a cup of coffee. You can make it yourself or have them make it themselves. But you should have enough extra on hand to anticipate this.

How Much Does It Cost?

The actual cost of your coffee service will depend greatly on the considerations mentioned above. Generally, a medium priced coffee delivery service will cost about $20 per person per month. The price will go up and down depending on the name brand, the bells and whistles, and if you’re also offering coffee to clients.

In New York, this will typically vary between $4-$10 per coffee drinker per week.

Finding the Perfect Coffee Service

The office coffee service cost should be one consideration when thinking about perks for your employees. However, you should also consider what other services they offer and if your employees are satisfied. Don’t continue to purchase from a service that your employees find abhorrent. Your employees’ happiness is worth more than a cheap cup of coffee.

For more on New York coffee delivery services, visit our site.

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